Workday Your Way – The Perfect Approach for Large Enterprises

Large enterprises need to focus on a number of factors such as productivity of employees, volume of production, cost savings and the like. The most important factor is technology. They need to be inclined towards making dynamic changes with respect to the recent trends in the field of Information Technology. That is why, Workday Your Way serves as a one stop shop for all their requirements.


There are five stages in action while implementing this approach. Each stage is unique and needs utmost attention and coherence to be planned effectively. But once it is done with care, implementation can be done with ease and efficiency. The five stages to implement the Workday Your Way approach in any organization are as follows:


Plan: Being the first step in executing all kinds of projects, this is the most important stage. Here, we orient our customers towards the project, draw the basic sketch and setup foundation Tenant, plan the different stages and timings of execution. R&D serves as a significant step in planning the project in a foolproof setup.


Architect: The required configuration of the Tenant is assessed by running Test prototypes, by learning more about customer requirements, efficiently optimizing the configurations as per their needs and desire, testing the suitability of the organization to deploy such configurations. This is more like construction of the basement of a house brick by brick; keeping in mind the whole structure that is to be built based on the desire of the potential residents.


Configure and Prototype: Various Unit Tests are run in order to determine whether the report building and integrations work as expected by the customer. The Tenant Build is further modified from end to end in such a way that the Workday Design Prototype satisfies the needs of the customers. Only after their approval, we move on to the next stage of deployment.


Test: It is the second most important stage after planning, as it is used to figure out whether all the hard work put in so far has resulted in tremendous success or a bunch of disappointment. More often, the tests pertaining to regression, user acceptance and payroll are successful since the planning is always done carefully and any disapproval from the customer is eliminated in the configuration stage itself. The cutover plan is organized and based on the readiness of the customer. Their training is done after testing the run of the end-to-end Tenant.


Deploy: This is the last stage of implementing the project. At this stage, production begins and all the required support is provided to the customer throughout various stages of productions. The project is stabilized and handed over to the customer and guidance with respect to data conversion that is required post production is also given. That is why it is advisable to opt for Workday Your Way approach as our support and guidance continues to benefit the customer from the first stage of planning and even after the production is done.

In each phase of deployment, new product lines like Workday HCM, Workday Payroll and Workday Finance are added. This improvises the whole project rather than merely being just another addition to the functionality in general. The accuracy and workability is checked and rechecked at each stage of improvisation.

We advise large organizations to adopt Workday mainly because of its time saving ability, abundant functionality with a huge scope in customizations and the solutions offered by Workday through product updates and configurations from time to time. We don’t just deliver; we deliver the best optimized solutions for the most complex environments. Choose Workday and be assured to have chosen the most successful path for your organization.


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