Building, Formatting and Deploying Reports through Workday Report Designer Training

Workday report designer is a tool that enables us to run custom reports from the homepage. The results of these reports can be downloaded in PDF formats and further customized as necessary. Installation of Workday Studio is mandatory in order to access the Workday Report Designer Training software. Using the Workday BIRT Report Training, one can learn how to connect to workday reports to build business form layouts using the report designer tools in Workday. Formatting of reports can also be done using various properties and data sets associated with such reports. These reports then need to be deployed to Workday for their functionality to be tested.

Workday BIRT Training is an advanced course and it is necessary to possess basic knowledge with respect to the software before enrolling for this training. This tool was developed keeping in mind the requirements and demands made by various organizations for page breaks, text formatting , headers and footers to be included in their reports. This is because of the fact that there are various stakeholders with potential interest in the organization who need to be satisfied with presentable and attractive reports that retains such interest in the organization.

Building and Formatting Custom Reports of Workday Report Designer Training


When reports are to be customized, it is important to remember that the description of the report structure and sample data is the key ingredient to customization. Both the file and the structure are set in XML formats. A custom report can be generated with advanced report definitions satisfying all the reporting requirements for an organization, including filters and calculated fields. The report designer tool can be used to manipulate the data, filter out results and for making calculations. However, it is recommended not to change primary data sets as highly manipulated reports can give a false summary and convey the wrong message altogether.

In order to build a report design file, elements are collected in the form of the report project. The navigation is done from the file menu and by selecting the ‘other’ option. Select the ‘report project’ option from the business intelligence and reporting tools menu.


After naming the project, click next and ensure that it appears in the navigator window.


Steps involved in formatting the custom report properties of Workday BIRT Training

Reports are formatted in order to make them readable, presentable, and appeal to the audience visually. Formatting can involve highlighting essential data, changing the order of display of dates and currency, ensure that the display format meets the specified conditions, or as simple as adjusting the line spacing in the reports. There are many options in the Workday BIRT Training Report designer tool for such formatting of reports. They range from changing font colors, drawing borders, changing the font, choosing alignment of texts, and altering other properties of the elements in a report.


To make the report more user-friendly, graphs, charts, tables and other such elements from the palette can also be added to the report. To manipulate items on the report, they can be selected using the property editor option in the report. Customization can be done after selecting the item from table view.

Deploying the reports to Workday Training

The report design can be deployed using the Workday Studio Wizard by clicking ‘deploy to Workday’ under the report design menu.


After providing the required information in the dialog box that opens, the layout will be deployed to Workday effectively along with a confirmation message.

Changing the Report Definition in Workday

If changes are needed to be made to a custom report after the creation of report design, then the file is to be modified according to the updated needs. The data source is to be edited from the report designer file menu. Both the sample data and the report definition can be updated. After editing the data sets in the required manner, the report designer will automatically update the fields and display the updated version of the report design.

Workday delivered report designs can also be used to download and modify custom reports. Search is to be made for the term “delivered business form layout” to view, copy or access such delivered reports in Workday.


From the set of shown report designs, the required design is to be selected, which will be downloaded in the form of a .zip file. After extracting the contents of this file, they need to be imported back to the report designer file. The file can then be used in the project. The information provided is only a gist of a huge ocean called BIRT in Workday. To be able to understand and use this tool effectively, one needs to undergo Workday BIRT Training from any reputed institute offering such training. After obtaining such skill sets, one will be able to make use of the advanced features of this tool and handle the options in such tools in more organized ways.

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