Introduction to Workday Recruiting as a part of Workday HCM Training

Workday recruiting is an application created for the purpose of talent acquisition with respect to hiring the best candidates for an organization. Its functionality is well versed in workforce sourcing, planning, managing candidate relationships as well as orientation. It has been promoted as a toll for minimizing risks and complies with the legal requirements of reporting while transferring organizational knowledge. It effortlessly helps in the hiring of internal and external candidates and contributes to the formation of collaborative teams.

As a part of Workday HCM Training, one can gain an insight into the various models of recruiting. But it is important to remember that Recruiting is an ocean in itself and can be studied as a separate module in Workday from organizations like ERP Cloud Training. Benefits involved in using this Workday module include hiring of experienced candidates, contributing referral sources, managing the workforce, optimizing the conduct of interviews, reporting and analytics, audit compliance and so on.

Terminology in Workday Recruiting for Workday HCM Training


Various terminologies are associated with recruiting with specified uses in Workday. They include sourcing terms like SEO and source of hire, screening terms like keyword search, and ranking, interviewing terms like adverse impact and panel interview, background check terms like criminal check and drug testing and other terms including wet signature and evergreen requisition. These terms are used as an essential part of Workday training to familiarise with Workday experts in this arena.

Tenant Setup and Domain Security Policies


Setting up the recruiting domains and changing user configurations to suit security domains form a very important part of the Workday Recruiting process. Domain securities may also consist of parent-child relationships called as domain-sub-domain. They help in enhancing security and easing the grant of permissions. Recruiters can accept or reject the candidates who have applied to their job requisitions. Several roles can be assigned to the recruiter like recruiting administrator, recruiting sourcer or recruiting coordinator. Accordingly, their roles will have limitations and constraints. 

Tenant Setup Tasks for the same include enabling collaborations, making job requisitions, enabling hiring and managing the employees. The tenant has to be configured and setup for various tasks like staffing after following the required roles to be assigned to the recruiter as well as candidates.

Job Requisitions for Workday HCM Training


Questionnaires are to be associated to job requisitions by the recruiting administrators in order to help in the filtering of suitable candidates for a given position. There are various tasks available to create a question, edit a question, delete a question, find a question, see what question tags are utilized, create a questionnaire, review a questionnaire, edit a questionnaire as well as view, delete or copy questionnaires. Questions can be created using dates, numbers, text and multiple choices. Setting up includes auto-generating calculated class report fields (CRF), attaching questionnaires, creating CRFs and enabling CRF security setup, and the configuration of domain security policies for both questions and questionnaires.

Job requisitions can be independently used in the Workday HCM module without using the recruiting module too. Workday automatically populates many fields when job requisitions are created. You can perform various tasks in HCM like creating job requisitions, copying job requisition, as well as closing job requisition.

Career sites and Job Posting Templates

Both the internal and external career sites of Workday have been designed with neutral colors in an attempt to engage the audience. Job posting templates help in standardization of elements like messaging and layouts. The templates can be formatted with respect to font size, style, colors, bullets, numbering and hyperlink. 

Application form is a wizard that comprises of the candidate information like qualifications, screening questionnaires and assessment pages. Three tasks involved in maintaining career sites include create career sites, edit career sites and delete career sites. Static content, social media, branding, personal information and collection are some of the general information which is to be listed pertaining to external career sites. The site can be previewed before finalising it.

Managing Job Postings and Recruiting Sub-processes


Posting a job is different from creating job requisitions. In Workday recruiting, you can perform various tasks like removing a job post, make a change to a job requisition, or repost the job. The most important positions should be easily identified by the users without taking a second glance at the screen. The job posting has to be manually updated for each form of job requisition. If things like job description and titles change, the jobs are to be reposted again. A job posting connector is used to create external postings to third party sites.

The business process with regard to job applications contains a number of sub processes within itself which acts as a framework for moving candidates across the hiring process. There are several steps involved namely, reviewing the candidate, screening the candidates, assessments, interviews, reference checks, offer, background checks and the last and final step which is ready for hire. Maintenance of recruiting tests and assessment statuses should be done in the tenant as tasks.

Referrals, Working and Managing Candidates


A candidate can be referred either by the ‘refer a candidate task’ or ‘create a referral task’ as well as the refer button which appears on internally posted jobs. It is important to inform somebody of the referrals created since it does not come in the job requisitions automatically. A prospect candidate is one that has been entered into the recruiting database. They are considered to be active candidates once they are linked to job requisitions. There are various prospects and statuses. Prospects can also be created from external contacts. 

Regarding the management of candidates, actions can be performed on the information furnished by them. It can be done through various tabs like overview, screening, interview, attachments and personal notes tab. The final steps involved ae understanding the candidate experience and monitoring performance.


Workday training can provide huge knowledge with regard to Workday recruiting training module for interested candidates using Workday HCM Training. Workday recruiting starts from enabling processes to hire candidates till managing them after hire. It is an integral module in Workday HR processes.


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